Micah’s March Update

This is a re-posting of Micah’s latest update:


Hello everyone, I am back with another update! March was a great month. It was very relaxing and it was enjoyable for me to get a restful month as we are going to be busy for the next few months getting ready for Awaken the Dawn. The prayer room has been really sweet the past month. Just about every day cooperate repentance or thanksgiving (everyone thanking God for what he has done for us) has broken out. This doesn’t usually happen in the prayer room but the Lord is rooting out our selfish desires and reminding us of where we came from  so that we can be even more grateful for where we are. Then last Friday at our Burn Service, United Pursuit band came to lead worship. If you don’t know who they are you can go here: Set a Fire or Waterfall. All of their songs are just love songs for Jesus. It was so refreshing.

Also we are still adding things to Awaken the Dawn every day. You can check out some of the resources below:



In my own life the Lord has continued to show me the Father’s heart as I mentioned in my last post. I am coming to know Jesus as the Bridegroom and the Judge and God as the Father and the Judge. I am learning all of the attributes if Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit and learning they are the fullness of everything at all times. Us in our carnal ways can only be happy, sad, angry, or loving, one at a time, but God isn’t like that. He is love. He is always love and has always been love and what that means is that even in his wrath and judgment he is love, because he cannot be anything besides love. I love describing it like this; He doesn’t have a love drawer or a wrath drawer that he opens and shuts as he pleases but he is a God of consistency. He is love all of the time and at the end of the age when he comes back to rule with us he isn’t going to shut the wrath drawer, but rather lavish us believers in love for all of eternity and poor his wrath into the Lake of Fire for eternity. The sooner we realize that God is love in all things and that he is just in all things, the sooner we could lose our offense with him about the hard things that we don’t understand, such as death or sickness or the End Times.

As far as my own life goes, I am doing well. A couple of weeks ago Emily and I went to visit my family and some of our family friends, the Adams, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We went to this amazing hotel with a water park, we went hiking, and we just spent time with my family. Then we drove over the mountains into North Carolina and went to a wedding with Emily’s family. It was a great weekend. I love seeing my family and Emily’s and it is just nice to get away some times. One time I heard someone say, “It is easy to see God in the pretty things in life, but can you see God in the filthy and rundown things?” I completely agree with this statement, but there is something about being in the mountains that does wonders to my heart. There is no place quite like it for me. It is like I can finally breath. I honestly do not know how people that live in the mountains ever get mad. And as I was driving over the mountains, watching the sun come up I was just reminded of the creativity and beauty of the Lord. There is nothing like seeing small towns far below you as you round the side of a mountain and thinking how the Lord created all of it. He is so much smarter and wiser than we ever could be and yet he loves us regardless of our failures, even to the point of becoming a man and taking all of our sin. That is love and if you ever question whether he loves you, then just remember that he sent his son to take on all of his wrath so that we could live with him for eternity, and if you still do not know if he loves you then nothing else can prove it. I know life gets hard, but he is never distant.

So I preached a lot in this update but it was from the Lord.

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Thank you and God bless you and your families!

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